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Here you can get actuell news and information about Morbid Generation: Update 16.10.2020 !!!!!!!!



Last Update: 30.09.2022


BUY   6 CDs = to 60€ or more and get One   FREE (= to 10€ or less) 

BUY   10 CDs = to 100€ or more and get Two   FREE (= to 20€ or less) 



Morbid Generation on Tour (last Update 22.03.2022) Meet us on festivals all over Germany. Where we are you can see here: 



out now


 RAZOR RAPE - Fucked Beyond Recognition LP

 first 50 Orders get 1 A3 Poster for free !!!! 



Pre-Order open


V.A.-The Last Gore And Testament Of Rompeprop - Deluxe Box Set 4xCD + TS



out now

WACO JESUS - Receptive When Beaten LP




out now

PUTRESCENCE - Pestilent Deity Of Death CD


out now

RAZOR RAPE - Fucked Beyond Recognition TS

RAZOR RAPE - Fucked Beyond Recognition CD

RAZOR RAPE - Fucked Beyond Recognition Bundle TS+CD


out now !!!!!

CLITCOMMANDER - 10 Jahre,10 Hits TS

CLITCOMMANDER - 10 Jahre,10 Hits CD

CLITCOMMANDER - 10 Jahre,10 Hits Bundle TS+CD



out now

NEPHRECTOMY - Geriatric Coprophilia TS

NEPHRECTOMY - Geriatric Coprophilia CD

NEPHRECTOMY - Geriatric Coprophilia Bundle TS+CD


out now

TRAUMATOMY - Transcendental Evisceration Of... TS

TRAUMATOMY - Transcendental Evisceration Of... CD

TRAUMATOMY - Transcendental Evisceration Of... Bundle TS+CD











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